Play Safe, Fun & Smart with Playboy Condoms !

“What better way to enjoy the summer than partying like your Hugh Hefner himself?
Worldwide they’re being sold in more than 180 countries and are considered as products that truly symbolize the combination of romance and sex appeal. and available to purchase in every Target, Walgreens …


There are many out there who prefer thin condoms, that is of course for the simple reason that they provide a more natural feel than normal thick condoms. With a large variety of products, Playboy Condoms is bringing sensuality to a higher level with it’s fruity tastes and it’s warming lubricants, the brand will make you become addict to it.

Playboy Condoms represent a lifestyle, symbolic of romance, sex appeal and sophistication, backed by premium quality materials and the sensual allure of the Playboy brand. They come in stylish packaging with the classic bunny logo.

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