Mutual Pleasure for Gay Women

For lovely lesbians, conventional strap-on toys only allow one to “service” the other with stimulation and penetration. It seems like most sex devices are designed only for single person use. Imagine how nice it would be if both partners could enjoy equal stimulation at the same time? A unique new sex toy, called Gemini’s Wand, has been invented with mutual satisfaction in mind.


More than just another dildo, this imaginative new toy can be used with the Hitachi Magic Wand, also known as the Magic Wand vibrator. for mind blowing pleasure made for two. The vibrator neatly fits in the middle of the device and delivers powerful stimulation to both partners, in a relaxed, natural position. No need for straps or taking turns, this device was specifically made for gay lovemaking!

One of the perks of this Indiegogo campaign,, is that supporters can pre-order the product for a mere $89! The product is in the final phase of production and needs financial support to make this fantastic toy available to the mass market.Patrons can feel confident to order risk free, as all purchases have a money back guarantee that the product will be delivered. The Gemini Wand ships in plain brown paper for customer privacy.

Made in the USA from high quality durable silicone, it can be bleached or autoclaved and can last a lifetime with minimal care. It’s strong yet supple, and built to keep the fun going strong. It can be used with all types of lubes and the device itself doesn’t have that awful “rubbery smell”, as it is odorless and tasteless!

Partners Who Want to share a unique experience should support this innovative project. Those who pre-order now can surprise their mate with the next generation in female pleasure products. Gemini’s Wand also makes the perfect present for a friend’s “naughty gift” wedding shower.

You can support this project and join them at: