Escort for ladies

Escorts for women

When we speak about escorts, usually, we tend to think of the male clients and never to a female clientele.

escort for women

In fact, in the variegated world of the escorts, there is an important niche, though not highly developed regarding the escort who work with women customers.

These are professionals who generally work with both men (who are their main customers and more as number) but also with women, both single than accompanied by other men.

We try in this post to understand how works this sector, perhaps little known to the majority of the public.

Escort for women. How they promote their job.

Female customers in this area represents less than 2% of the total turnover of an escort and this, also including couples where the woman is actively involved in the triangle.

Typically the same escort that also is available to have female clients, does not invest in the promotion of this type of customer because it represents a small niche and therefore, prefer to advertise in the direction of the most important market that includes only men as clients.

We tried to figure out who are the customers of these escort women and in this regard, we asked for an escort (who assured us to have at least 3 women customers), what type of clientele is that female.

An escort who we interviewed, she confirmed us that her work with women takes place through three types of promotion:

word of mouth, the loyalty of customers and entering into advertising on specialized sites such niche service.

Escort for women. Who are these customers.

The customers of the escort women, are generally women belonging to a middle hih class and high.

They have a good level of education and an average age of between 35 and 55 years.

So, this is not a big business in terms of quantity, but rather, a limited niche but growing year after year.